Bev new hair pixelNot worthy of a smiling face
a cross kiss of approval
Nor even jagged words
crying plagiarism.
Honestly is it
the kindliest policy?
she muses
No like, no response
imply all
But then
I judge all my life
on the breath of others.


Flower Sprigged Isolation

Another day

Sky so blue it hurts

I stare out of the window

Dream of the other life

My family living down the valley

visiting days

baking days

laughing days

Little house in the Cwm days

Skipping through sheep shit fields

in cotton lawn dresses

flower sprigged, billowing

light against my dark

All fantasy

conjured in this,

my splendid isolation.


* Note – An old poem previously published in my art blog. I am trying to keep all my poems together in one place.

Afagddu (reprise)

Blackness pursues me
in this
rain sodden valley
From the early morning
tearful awakenings
To despair chasing through
dark tinged night mares
Afagddu stalks again
traps me
in skeins of dark intent
Stitches melancholic thoughts
to blankets of despair
Knits winter blues
with shades of grey
Daytime spent
huddled close
to the fire
Watching flames consuming
last summers
fading light



Afagddu stalks me
follows streams of rage
and despair
All around submerged
Hidden, lost
Beneath bracken clad slopes
Their ghosts walk these well worn paths
I stand on bones
long forgotten
Scars indelible,
sketched on slate
Here utter blackness pervades
In these
the dying days
of the valley.


*Note- Afagddu
A Brythonic and Cymric God: Utter Darkness
This deity is known from the tale Cymric of Taliesin and the Mabinogi of Culhwch ac Olwen and is a god of the Battle Dead, who later became the embodiment of ugliness and evil.